That Nutty Redhead



Who's That Nutty Redhead?

Photo:  Jared Charney

Photo: Jared Charney

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Photo: Joan Emm

Photo: Rebecca Grant

Photo: Rebecca Grant

Lisa Griffiths, aka That Nutty Redhead, began catering back in 2002. As a caterer of afternoon Victorian style Tea Parties for women and children, she created wonderful homemade pastries, candy, and gourmet nuts, all presented on family heirloom China and lace linen.

Lisa’s dream was to continue her Victorian family recipe tradition of making delicious all natural nut snacks with her business - That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nuts. She used all of her talents, prior experience, and her notoriety/fan following to market her Praline gourmet nut products. The dream has been realized!

Lisa is a nationally acclaimed professional speaker. Her persona, Victoriana Lady Lisa, specializes in the Victorian & Edwardian era. She accomplishes this with authentic antique clothing and artifacts from her own personal collection, circa 1840-1919. It’s a literal traveling museum and an exciting peek into Grandmother's attic.

Lisa is also a published author of the book titled, "International Steampunk Fashions." It’s a coffee-table styled book featuring modern day Victorian fashions and accessories.

Lisa is also the host of a community access TV series titled, “All Things Victorian”. Created, produced and directed by her partner, John Thomas Grant. ATV recently won three, National and Hometown Media Awards. One of the winning episodes, “The Queen’s Kitchen,” is planned as a series spinoff in the near future. The content? A cooking/culture show based on royal cooking titled “Grand Delights: Classic Cooking, Classic Culture.” It will be hosted by both Lisa Griffiths and Victoriana Lady Lisa. Of course, one of the sponsors will be That Nutty Redhead.

Lisa had the privilege of being featured nationally on the popular cable TV program, "Oddities". It was filmed in Manhattan at Obscura Antiques. As the Merry Widow, she wore her antique Mourning clothing and jewelry.

She has also been the feature article in Victorian Homes Magazine, and again in Northshore Magazine, Edible Boston, and the Boston Globe.

Lisa lives in Rockport, MA, with her Passion Projects, LLC, partner, John Thomas Grant. John is a published author/photographer and, as mentioned previously, the creator, producer and director of the award winning TV series – All Things Victorian. His book is titled, “Final Thoughts: Eternal Beauty in Stone.” History tells us that John spent 35 years of his life in the music business as a musician, recording engineer in Manhattan, New York, and entertainment manager also in NYC.