That Nutty Redhead




* YOU HAVE HIT A HOME RUN! I just opened my package, and they are truly addicting. The vanilla Praline are so sweet and cinnamon-y with a great glazed crunch. Super yummy, I can't wait to try the other flavors. ~ Sandra

 *OMG they are all FANTASTICAL! I told everyone, "They're ALL MINE. ~ Vicki

* I have to order more nuts, and my order just arrived, to get these wonderful treats! One of my sons grabbed the bag, popped some into his mouth, pronounced, "These are great...order more" and disappeared with the package to his room! I will have to start hiding mine. ~ Margaret

 * Latest order received. Latest order eaten. We may have to move in with you. ~ Meg

*Tried it and loved it and so I purchased this item and loved - ByElle

*I met THE nutty redhead at a supermarket promo. Tried it and loved it and so I purchased this item and loved it MORE. BUY SOME - you will smile - Tasty, healthy carbs and gluten free ...just watch the calories and munch them in no fewer than two occasions to keep it in line. :-D YUM!

*"Oh WOW!!" "Oh My God! These are incredible!!" * "These are amazing!!!" * "These are TOO GOOD!!" * "They taste like nothing I've ever had before!!" * "I will have to hide them from my husband/kids they are so good!!" * "Seriously amazing stuff!!" * "I can't stop eating them! Can I move in with you?" * "If I had a last meal this would be it!" * "How do you do this? WOW!!!" 

*I really like the reactions of the kids when they taste my product for the first time, of course I always ask their parents first if they have any nut allergies. The response is generally "Mmm!!! Mommy/daddy can we get these, please, please please?!" (Since my hair is knee length the little girls sometimes ask me if I'm Rapunzel, or Ariel. That always makes me smile.) Recently a  4 year old boy tasted the Breakfast in New England at a demo. His mom asked him what he thought. He hesitated for a minute, searching for a reply then simply said, "WOWZA!" He grabbed the package from the table and walked away smiling.

*Another young boy tried them and begged his mom to buy them. She explained that he seldom eats protein and never eats nuts. She bought two packages and walked away saying, "It's a miracle."

*After a sample at the demo one mother proclaimed how happy she was that her son likes them. She's been trying to get him to eat more protein.

*I love the softer texture, they taste so fresh!

*These should be illegal, OMG!

*I love these Pralines, they're not too sweet and just right for snacking without guilt.

*My son hates nuts, but he LOVES your product!

*Best nuts ever!!

*That pure vanilla is incredible, thanks for using real ingredients.

*The Breakfast in New England nuts are amazing on sweet potatoes with Maple syrup, just like you suggested, my family loves the recipe!!

*That Nutty Redhead nuts are a MUST on my ice cream!

*I have to hide them or my kids and husband will eat the whole bag!

*I keep a bag in my car. They're perfect when I'm stuck in traffic and hungry.

*I love that the texture is softer than the roasted nuts. They're easier on my teeth.

*These are my grandkids favorite nuts!

*It's hard to find a snack both gluten free and Vegan that tastes good, you nailed it!